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Contextual video player

Propelled by AI, the player will play the videos and content the most suited for your website.

Performant Streaming

The viewing is an experience within itself thanks to a technology of streaming without latency.

Instream Monetizing

Access a new source of earnings thanks to the videos.

Why put on your website

  • Instream video publicity is more profitable than all the other types of format: display, native, layout, footer, outstream.

  • Our videos are conceived to spark interest in each of your visitors and complete cleverly your editorial policy.

We create the content

Thanks to passionate journalists and video editors we have, and also with partnerships between different press agencies, we are capable of creating on-demand content suited to the theme and subject of your website. The requirements and quality of your editorial policy is at the heart of our concerns.

Choose your videos

Because each website has it’s identity, we adapt to the content you propose in order to offer you a large choice of videos. With a production of about 500 videos a month, we assure you the content you will broadcast to your audience is diverse.

Adapt it to your colors

Besides providing HD streaming, we give you the possibility to personalize the format according to your needs regarding color and design: such as adding your logo in the player. Pick content from Pepsia and personalize its display so that it corresponds the best to your corporate identity and style guide.

Choose a strategic place for it

Optimize your earnings through a place adapted to your editorial policy. We give personalized advice in order to answer to your expectations. The user’s experience is at the heart of our developments.

Generate earnings

Follow daily your earnings throw your access to the platform. A simple tag authorizes you to monetize your audience. What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Be a part of the of Pepsia

All the publishers that incorporate the Pepsia format on their media must answer to a certain number of quality criteria, whether it’s the content or the statistics.

Quality content

A quality editorial policy without explicit content.

Quality audience

An important volume of traffic with a good time visit per page.

Advertising intensity

You have decided to have a reasonable amount of ads per page.

Publisher partners

150 premium publishers already trust us

Find below a few feedbacks

I just earned more than a 100€ in an hour. It’s true that I have a lot of traffic, but I stay puzzled by so much income in so little time.
director of publication
It’s the first time that I accepted a video format despite many solicitations (sometimes very attractive propositions financially). Yours is very well integrated without penalizing the website’s content. Sometimes I surprise myself looking at the videos that are played.
Tele Satellite
director of publication
For now, I’m very satisfied with the results, especially that it didn’t change anything in the SEO position in Google (I had some fears about that).
Aqua Portail
director of publication
It’s been a while that we were looking to produce videos and monetize them. Our first test has been very complicated and we had trouble to produce the videos and we didn’t manage to make as much income. I’m very satisfied!
Mamie Astuce
director of publication
I really like these videos and I’m sure that a lot of readers like them too! I had trouble finding the answer of a few riddles, and we want to finish the video!
Jeux et Compagnie
director of publication
I’m very happy to collaborate with an innovating and friendly business like yours and I thank you for the level of income you propose actually. I want to make sure this partnership lasts for a long time, you should receive the contract signed shortly.
director of publication
I maybe didn’t say it with much belief, but yes, we are very satisfied of this first month trial period.
Quizz Biz
director of publication

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