Maximize your revenues


Maximize publisher revenues

Video is a must-have format for any publisher who wants to make its content strategy dynamic and modern. Your audience consumes many videos every day and the sites that broadcast them benefit from an increase of the average visit duration by 30%. However, producing large-scale editorial videos can be expensive and complex. This is why PEPSIA offers you a large catalog of content, specially adapted to your site and your audience, while offering you one of the most attractive payout on the market.

  • Enrich your content

Make your pages even more attractive by integrating exclusive editorial videos, produced by our video editors, and specially adapted to the your site niche and the interests of your audience.

With a catalog of more than 3000 videos, constantly updated with new content, you can build a selection that fits perfectly with your editorial line.

enrich your content
improve user experience
  • User experience

Editorial issues are at the heart of our developments, always too intrusive advertising has a bad reputation, and the popularity of Adblockers keep growing.

That’s why our video format has been designed to make the user experience more interactive and user-friendly, with a hybrid format combining advertising and editorial content.

  • Guaranteed minimum payout

Our format is complementary to those you have already implemented on your site. It is not necessary to remove one of your partners to test our advertising network.

Confident in its performance, Pepsia offers a guaranteed minimum payout to allow you to test our format with confidence. Better, you can simulate your monthly income in 3 clicks thanks to our simulator. What are you waiting for?

Guaranteed minimum payout

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