Benefit from a rich catalog of more than 3,000 videos and broadcast targeted content to enrich your editorial line.


A responsive video format, suitable for both desktop and mobile users, for premium media. It first displays a video advertisement of 5 to 15 seconds, before broadcasting a specific editorial video according to the editorial line of the site.

Our format is displayed in heart of content, in a responsive player, in autoplay with the sound off. When the player is no longer visible, especially when the user is scrolling, the video continues to play in the lower left or lower right corner of the website.

Control buttons allow users to interact with the format: play the video in full screen, close the format, enable or disable the sound, and be redirected to the advertiser’s offer.


A true showcase for the values conveyed by brands, the PEPSIA video format is attractive and dynamic, maximizing the range of emotions that advertisers want to distil. It allows at the same time to get an attractive remuneration for publishers who adopt it.

In order to preserve the authenticity of our content, as well as the performance of our advertising campaigns, the video player has the latest security technologies to prevent fraud.


By enriching the content of the pages on which it is embedded, the PEPSIA video format increases users’ average visit duration, while offering to advertisers a 100% visible broadcast solution, with easily measurable interactions.
Increase the volume of trafic
Increase sales
improve publisher revenues

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