Communicate differently

Codes have changed, Internet users no longer want commercial ads devoid of interest. They want brands that touch them, make them laugh or cry, and offer them emotions to share with their friends. This is why PEPSIA invents original and striking content, conveying the values of your brand, and broadcast in a high-performance 100% visible format, integrated on premium media, leaders in their sector.

Create emotions

Traditional formats such as display offer only limited potential to demonstrate the value of your product or service. Unlike the video format that offers you the flexibility to develop your value proposition and create a strong emotional bond with your target audience.

PEPSIA understands it, and produce for you interesting and funny videos, always true to your values, and which arouse the commitment of those who discover them. It is the guarantee, for you Advertisers, to develop your reputation, and print durably and efficiently your offer in the mind of the greatest number.

video format for advertisers
video format for advertisers

Choose the performance

Access a quality and targeted inventory through a large community of premium media leaders of their sector.

Broadcast your campaigns with confidence thanks to the anti-fraud system integrated into our video format.

Be 100% visible and reach your audience on all formats through our responsive player.

Effectively analyze the performance of your campaigns and optimize them with accurate and relevant KPIs.

Benefit from a dedicated team of experts to assist you in optimizing your campaigns.

Target committed communities

All of our publishers have premium media among the leaders in their sectors. This is the guarantee for you advertisers, that your message will be delivered to the right people in the best way possible, to preserve your image, and increase the adhesion around your brand.

Broadcast across the entire publishers network


Reach the widest possible audience

Broadcast on an editorial niche

Target a specific audience

Interests / Sex / Age

Broadcast on a targeted community

Target websites and medias

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