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With a catalog of more than 3000 premium editorial videos, reinforced by a daily production of 25 new videos, PEPSIA is able to provide quality video content to enrich the pages of your digital media.

Our video format natively integrates one of the most efficient monetization systems on the market, with fill rates up to 2x higher than the competing outstream solutions. Double your current ad revenue while enriching your user experience (20% increase in average visit duration on partners sites).

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Create an emotional connection with your brand

Video is the best medium for creating a powerful emotional connection between your brand and visitors. PEPSIA understands this, and develop creative and effective media, integrating your values into videos conveying emotional feelings.

These videos are broadcasted in a format always visible, on a network of premium publisher sites, depending on your targeting options, to reach millions of viewers having interests close to your offer.

Become visible
create a strong emotional bond with your brand

An innovative and powerful ad format

  • The consumption of videos by Internet users is growing steadily. But it is expensive and complex to produce your own video content. To deal with these difficulties PEPSIA provides you with a ready to use all-in-one player, integrating technical solutions, hosting and streaming management, editorial video content adapted to your site, and the monetization system.
  • It’s never been easier to open your site to the video era, and benefit from the many assets that this entails: important additional income, additional interesting content for your visitors, an increased average visit duration on your pages.
  • Measuring the performance of an ad network becomes complex when specific criteria are taken into account such as the fill rate, the CTR, the CPM. Unlike most ad networks that only reward the number of page views, PEPSIA is able to produce multiple ad impressions with a single page view. A mechanism that allows websites with a high visit duration to experience impressive performance.

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